How to Find the Best Places for a Stag Weekend in Scotland

If you are the best man at an upcoming wedding, and one of your responsibilities is to organize a stag do, you may be looking for the best places for a stag weekend in Scotland.


If so, these tips will help you find the right place for yours and the groom's tastes.


Decide on a one-night or two-night weekend -- While you may have been told to organize a stag weekend in Scotland, you do need to be sure if that means a one or two-night weekend.


Two-night weekends tend to be better if that is possible for everyone attending, as you have more time to settle in, relax and then have fun.


The countryside or town -- Some grooms prefer to have their stag weekend in the countryside, so there is no need to worry about noise. Others like to be in town and close to a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants.


Find out which one the groom would prefer before starting your search, as this will allow you to narrow down available places easier.


Alcohol or not? -- Some stag weekends have alcohol and some do not, and there is not a right or wrong way for either.


Decide upfront if you want to have alcohol and then look for an appropriate place to serve it.


Just be aware, if your group does plan on drinking for two days straight, you are often better out in the country where you are not disturbing anyone else.


In fact, there are excellent places in Scotland that organize every aspect of stag weekends in the countryside so you do not have to. Know more come visit stag do scotland.

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